Shelby Powder Puff Hat with Frosted Bow — RED


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Product Description

Feminine, chic, and fun, this Shelby Powder Puff Hat has been the talk of the year! This lovely, round, red hot marabou hat is perfect for any occasion you want to wear something unique and girly all at once! Darling red hackle feathers have been sewn onto the hat. It’s topped with an adorable double-layered red satin ribbon bow. The bow itself is decorated with 150 5mm acrylic stones that have been hand placed along the trim, giving this hat an extra touch of decadence!


The hat will arrive on a large banana clip. If you wish to have another style clip, please arrange changes before check out. This hat is 2- 3 weeks out for creation and delivery


This Shelby Powder Puff is also available in Pink! If you don’t wish to purchase pink or red, we can customize them! Just send us a message and we will let you know what can be done.


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