Nina Olivia – Owner and Maker

“A woman who accessorizes is one who is envied” says Nina Barton, owner and designer of Vintage Box 1947, a California-based boutique that specializes in vintage-inspired hair adornments. Vintage Box 1947 creates custom hair accessories that pay homage to a time when ladies would bedeck themselves with hats, flowers, brooches, scarves and gloves. Nowadays, women will spend great sums of money on their wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup. Unfortunately, those beautiful vintage accompaniments have been long forgotten. Thankfully, Vintage Box 1947 is here to remind all women to add that stunning, unique hair accessory and make a statement!

The vintage-inspired hair accessories at Vintage Box 1947 are custom-created with flowers, veiling, feathers, textiles, crystals, sequins, jewelry and whatever other item may be a muse for Ms. Barton. Many of her goods have authentic vintage elements that impart a retro, one-of-a-kind look and feel. Clearly, her true passion is for creating custom retro and bridal looks. Her hands-on approach, attention to detail, unique designs and top-quality goods, sets her creations far apart. With a Vintage Box 1947 design, you are getting a unique accessory that you will keep for a lifetime, not just the moment.

Vintage Box 1947 was born in 2008, after Nina was laid off from her desk job at a stuffy mortgage company. She was determined to find something that she would love to do every day. “My husband was concerned that creating my own line of vintage hair accessories would be a losing game for me. I took that statement as a challenge. It fueled my fire even more to make it happen!” Nina recalls. Now, a full-time mom of two, Nina has been noticing a growing demand for her specialized items that tap into current vintage trends.
Internationally popular, Vintage Box 1947 sells all over the world, including Australia, France and the United Kingdom. Nina confesses, “I want to push this as far as it will go. ‘Cant do’ is not an option.”massa quis